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Autumn Risotto recipe

Emma, the founder of Pure Vida has kindly sent in her autumn risotto recipe for you to enjoy!

Pure Vida is a former cafe, restaurant and yoga studio based in Waterlooville, which is now operating as a pop up business providing catering to private events, dinner parties, take away nights, meal prep and cake orders.

Autumn Butternut Squash Risotto

Ingredients: 300g arborio rice - 1⁄2 large butternut squash diced into

small chunks - 2x small peppers (I used yellow & green) - 2 cloves

minced garlic- 1x diced onion - 1 1⁄2 lite veggie stock - 1⁄2 tsp thyme &

basil - 1 slice vegan cheese (optional) - Parsley - s&p to season - oil -

tbsp butter


Lay your ingredients out in front of you and take a moment to

appreciate and recognise how far these ingredients have travelled to

be with you. Admire the beauty, colour and flavour. The effort and

energy to grow and produce them. Say a big thank you from the

heart. Try to keep the mind clear while cooking and think of positive

affirmations while stirring the dish. For example you can say, this

food will replenish and help energise my body. I am calm, loved and

happy, I am grateful for the abundance of beautiful food and people

in my life.

Heat a large frying pan with some oil. Add onions and season with

s&p. Allow to cook for 11 mins. Add your peppers then garlic, stir

well, cook for 5 mins. Add your butternut squash and cook for

another 11 mins to soften. Add basil & thyme. Make a well in the

centre to melt the butter in then add your risotto rice. Stir well,

allowing the rice to toast lightly for a few mins. A ladle at a time add

the stock. It's really important to keep stirring the dish at this point

so the rice does not stick. Be sure to make sure your stock is hot!

This is also very important. Keeping the heat low so it doesn't burn,

stir, adding more stock once the previous ladle has absorbed into the

rice. At your last ladle you can add your cheese and s&p to season

the dish to your taste. Sprinkle over some parsley. I finished mine

with some sunflower seeds.

Enjoy! For a step by step tutorial for this

recipe you can find it on my facebook & instagram page

Facebook: Pura Vida

Insta: Puravida_vegan100

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