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Portsmouth Willow tree no more

So, when is a tree not a tree? when it's a 6 by 10 ft puddle, where a tree used to be - that was how it was at a well-known beauty spot beyond St James Hospital when a Horse chestnut older than my great great granny, was cut to pieces and chopped up in full view of children and tree lovers who had all fought to save it.

What's worse is a mature horse chestnut can consume up to 50 gallons of water each day. If we look at the capacity of the four trees that were destroyed it would be a fair estimate to say that 73,000 gallons could be absorbed each year.

Topical because the lovely people of #keepmiltongreen are guarding them and objecting to every planning application for felling trees unnecessarily. There has been another felling this week and the rain comes down and the flood comes up... Do you see a pattern forming here?

So, next Friday 10th city dwellers aged 3 to 93 who produced artworks for the walls at Lakeside1000, North Harbour to remind everyone to #keeppompeygreen

Use the hashtag in twitter and help to keep our green-spaces green on the island of Portsmouth so green beats concrete, and keeps us all breathing cleaner air.

Thank you

By Sue Stokes

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