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Spring Earth

Must be Spring, people coming up the garden path without coats and blossom on every tree. Green shoots poking through the earth and shaking out their new leaves.

That lovely thing where man/lady come into the garden and offer to help, and ask what they can do? Always makes me smile, especially as only a 6 months ago we were left, just a few of us with a huge garden to tend and a portacabin with a leaky roof... Just goes to show that perseverance is a blessing, and when you toss a pebble into a pond, there are ripples for a little, while then the calm returns.

Coffee in Greens with friends from Keep Milton Green, making plans to extend our #keeppompeygreen exhibition - Big thanks to Tesco Fratton for offering space in their giant store and a monthly best green photo for their community room.

Monthly meet up for Adopt a Plotters

We're in the garden Tues PMs and Wednesday AMs and every 1st Saturday of the month, but also our adopter-plotters will be there to (but terribly shy), so say hello.

By Sue Stokes

5th April 2017

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