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What are the Roots at the Secret Garden of Southsea.

Beverley, our newest volunteer loves the garden and its history, she would like to share her first impressions and knowledge, hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1:

There was a place known for its beautiful gardens and outlook onto the sea. There was a rose garden that embraced the British pastime and symbolic significance of roses.

Roses would often be a central feature in royal estates and were known to represent loyalty.

Beyond the rose garden was another garden created by the Natural History Museum, which incorporated a range of plants to encourage the surrounding ecosystem to flourish and grow.

This garden was full of butterflies. Butterflies remind us of how nature can embody growth and transformation.

There was another strip of land which lay overgrown between them. This garden was left behind and almost unnoticeable to passersby. One day a man who had worked alongside gardens for a majority of his life recognised this abandoned garden beneath the overgrown trees and shrubs.

He and a few other gardeners had a transformative vision of the garden which would preserve its historic beginnings and enhance our perception of nature.

This became our secret garden.... to be continued in the next edition

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