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Winter Arriving

As Winter arrives the colours in our gardens change from the Autumn landscape glow of Lavenders, Michaelmas daisies, Hydrangeas and the Buddleia Butterfly bushes. Say ' Hello ' to the yellow Winter Jasmine shrub and the Evergreen Holly covered with red berries, or the yellow variegated, ( Golden Queen ) Holly and the colourful foliage Holly leaves of ( Marginata Pendula ) Crowned and covered with red berries.

View the pretty Cordate ( Chameleon ) perennial with it's exciting, almost heart shaped leaves flashed with red, yellow and green, or the Acer deciduous tree ( Flamingo ) with its variegation of leaves distinctly marked white and green, edged with pink, so eye-catching. So!... Open your eyes and notice the glorious changes in the Winter sunshine, along the Street gardens and hedgerows as you wind your way to our own Southsea Green garden at Canoe Lake. Enjoy....

Big thanks to Awards for All and Canoe Lake Leisure for our lovely venue, and Peta who coordinated our Skillshops for so many local families, and thanks to all who came, and for your Foodbank gifts. You can contribute directly to Foodcycle

by Irene Strange
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