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Keep Pompey Green Campaign

I remember being wowed by my Nan's long garden full of flowers when I was 6, and of having my school packed lunch up a tree every day of the week, instead of in the school hall, even making shelters to hideout from the rain. When my own kiddies were crawlers, they spent many happy days rolling in the mud while we had a go at growing our own down at the Locksway Rd Allotments.

They learnt that food grew out of the ground, not just little frozen packets in the supermarket. What was it I sensed as a 10 year old, and still drives me now all these years later? I think it might be a fascination with life in our evolving climate, and a sense of responsibility for the unfolding consequences of urbanisation, that made me start to think like this.

Our #keeppompeygreen campaign is a response to 5 years of trying to be a community co-op growing and swapping food surplus; marketing the city gardening competition and the aims of Southsea Greenhouse (which were pretty aspirational) and all the great work our friends are doing to recycle and share resources and not waste food or damage the environment.


It's also a growing sense of urgency to the local trend of cutting services and ancient trees in our beautiful spaces to make way for concrete and profit. The exhibition seemed to me a positive method of sharing concerns and highlighting the beauty of the city, as seen through the eyes of others age 6 or under, or all the way to 100. Everyone's invited to the preview and the Mayor and our MPs will be there to see all the fabulous artwork and get on board with keeping our city green

Please continue to share our message as we head into 2017. Many thanks again to all who helped make this happen. 'Happy Holidays' to all

2016 Preview Night

Hosted at Le Cafe Parisien till the New Year

The preview night was a success! So many beautiful artworks by our entrants, sending the message to keep and look after our green-spaces in Pompey. All the artwork can be seen at Le Café Parisien by The University of Portsmouth from now until after Christmas. They will then be displayed at Lakeside.

To our entrants who all showed how much you care for a greener Portsmouth. We look forward to the same enthusiasm next time and don’t forget, keep spreading the word!

Many thanks again to Aspex, Creative Space, and the Lord and Lady Mayor of Portsmouth for their time


Aspex Web Link

Creative Space Web Link

Article from the Star and Crescent Web Link


Current Green-space of Portsmouth

For the first time, you can find out at the click of button exactly how the land is used in your local authority area.

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