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Food Portsmouth

Southsea Green and Food Portsmouth come together to promote how good food, growing food, and sharing food can transform lives. Food Portsmouth is an independent organisation that aims to support, develop and promote a fair and positive, sustainable food culture across Portsmouth and Southsea. These actions contribute to making Portsmouth an active member of the Sustainable Food Cities initiative, harnessing sustainable food as a vehicle to drive positive change.



We are grateful to Awards for All and the players of the National Lottery for giving us the opportunity to deliver this project. Our aims and objectives were to develop community, in all aspects, by spreading the word about our organisation, working with partners to strengthen existing relationships and to reach out across the city to promote and share our principles. Our motivation for the project was to grow, not only vegetables for food, but to grow skills and community.


Greenfingers Project

Funded by the Tesco Bags of Help. These fully funded workshops will be held in the Southsea area and should be an introduction to crafts or basic skills, designed to get people started and discover their passion for creativity while making new friends. All crafts considered including gardening, knitting, bicycle maintenance, cooking, etc, so pitch us your passion.


Solent All Stars

Southsea Green completes project work that will help encourage young people to build and improve: 

  • Team-Working Skills

  • Communication

  • Confidence

  • Community Engagement

  • Planning Skills

  • Time Management

  • Prioritising

  • Grit and Determination

  • Problem Solving

  • Money Management

  • Designing

  • Presentation Skills


Greenfingers Workshop

Sessions in gardening and crafts were held at Southsea Green Community Garden. These craft workshops provided creative tasks for the public to apply skills learned while participating in the Greenfingers project. Gardeners shared activities about planting vegetables or preparing beds, lessons on sustainability and how to practice sustainable gardening, creating greetings cards and making botanical bookmarks, among many other useful gardening knowledge. 


Keep Pompey Green Campaign

The exhibition seemed to be a positive method of sharing concerns and highlighting the beauty of the city, as seen through the eyes of others age 6 or under, or all the way to 100. Everyone was invited to the preview and the Mayor and our MPs were there to see all the fabulous artwork and get on board with keeping our city green. Hosted at Le Cafe Parisien till the New Year.The preview night was a success! So many beautiful artworks by our entrants, sending the message to keep and look after our green-spaces in Pompey. 


Social Enterprise Cluster Prospectus 2015/16

Southsea Greenhouse aims to encourage local development and employment and the model is now being extended to other potential community grow-spaces: sharing land, planting trees, teaching others how to cultivate. There is growing membership of 200+ and it encourages a thriving network of painters, knitters, ceramicists and woodcrafters that taps into the amazing resources and talents across the city, and promotes local produce and crafts. We want to change the way people consume, celebrate the creativity of people, and improve what you get from our City.


Southsea Greenhouse Profile Film

This is a short profile film about Southsea Greenhouse, created by Jon Cook, Alex Francis, Ryan Lackenby, Oliver Greenham, Amber Morgan and Jack Smith from The University of Portsmouth. Southsea Green is planning more filmography and photography projects in the future, including an aerial plan of the green spaces and the purpose of each green space. Potential volunteers who have a passion for this creative art are welcome to fill in a volunteer form on our Volunteer Page.

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