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A New Garden!

From kitsch garden gnomes and overgrown ivy, to vibrant pansy plants and numerous attempts at growing chilli peppers. It was a place of joy which I was sad to say goodbye to.

Last summer I said farewell to my first garden. For nearly ten years I had looked after the little courtyard space, albeit mainly in the summer. I can safely say, I’m a fair-weather gardener! Every Spring I would peer out of the conservatory doors, eyeing up what work needed to be done, looking forward to filling it with colour.

But 2019 brings a bigger garden, with actual grass! There have been whispers of sheds, shrubs and what we will fill our newly-acquired vegetable patch with. This weekend I attended the monthly garden volunteer meeting and learnt all about heritage potatoes and companion planting. So, with my head swimming with ideas, I’m looking forward to getting started... let’s have a cup of tea first though, it’s a bit chilly out there!

By Vik Burnand

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