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An Opportunity to Grow

So, this is the year that our garden fairies got very muddy, digging up trees from the tennis patch to put on the cricket pitch and the adventure playground at Somerstown. We turned our community garden into an adopt-a-plot patch for locals with no gardens, to grow some food and flowers. We played at Victorious, and at the Older young people's festival, and worked with Waitrose and the council to promote Portsmouth in Bloom. What beautiful gardens, schools, premises and allotments we have in this urban metropolis.

We also have resourceful gardeners who recycle and re-use and share their crops and resources to improve our parks and green spaces. The Friends of Cumberland brought us bees to live here and we have all been doing our best to keep them happy with what we plant and by reducing the use of pesticides that we use. We are working with Keep Milton Green and Aspex and our city leaders to preserve and care for our green spaces across the city and at Canoe Lake, and the photographs at the Le Cafe Parisien exhibition are a testimony to that effort - on all over Christmas. Careful with that axe woodsmen and developers we want to keep our city green. Have a very happy Christmas and check out all our shenanigans in the new year.

By Sue Stokes

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