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Autumn Gardening at Southsea Green with Goff Gleadle Head Gardener

Autumn at the Southsea Green garden. We have harvested most of our summer

crops; potatoes, carrots, onions, french beans, but there are still a few tomatoes

and sweet peppers to harvest and the celery is ready to cut.

The beans are drying on the vine and we will be saving the seeds; Blauhilde, Major Cook, and Cherokee Trail of Tears, for planting next year.

We can also save seeds from tomatoes and sweet peppers. We planted our crops for winter use two or three months ago and red cabbage, kale and purple-sprouting broccoli are doing well.

We are now planting leek, broad beans, and onion setts to grow through the Winter and give us early crops in spring. When other beds become empty we will be topping them up with our own homemade compost.

In the tunnel, we will clear the beds and plant some rocket for winter salads. We sowed some earlier, but the fox decided to sleep

there, so we have to try again!

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