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Autumn Recipe

Autumnal Spicy Roasted Carrot & Lentil Soup

Om Nama Shivaya - I know I'm not the only one who is feeling the shift in season, the temp has dropped and so have lots the leaves. We say goodbye to the heat of summer and hello to the spicy season. This recipe will help give the immune system a top up of goodness, while keeping the soul warm

With the colder months coming in fast it's important to stock the freezer with our favorite batched cooked meals, this way we can get hot food quickly which is healthy and keeps our bodies happy, and helps to prevent making unhealthy winter food choices

Grab your favourite drink, put on the playlist that gets your body moving and lets create food magic together

Key Points To Keep In Mind

Stay Present, Put Good Intentions Into The Food

Try To Buy Local If You Can

Dance & Groove

Be Thankful

Ingredients: 11 Carrots sliced for roasting - 1x Whole garlic bulb - 1x Leek diced - 4x Tomatoes diced - 2 Cups red lentils ( remember to wash well)- Thumb size piece of fresh turmeric grated (Wear gloves fresh turmeric STAINS) - It's a preference thing, but I definitely made this spicy with 3 dried chillies from the chili plant (make it to your taste) - 1 Tbsp of tomato puree - 2 Tbsp Thai aromatic seasoning - 2x 400ml Passata - Water - 2 Cups frozen peas - Coconut Oil - 1 tsp Curry powder, Cumin, Mustard seeds 1x Stock cube - 2 Tsp sugar

To begin, heat the oven to 180, in a roasting tray add carrots & 1 whole bulb of garlic (slice the top off and place face down in the center, carrots surrounding) season w/ s&p - roast for 25 mins. In a separate pot boil the lentils till cooked. To a pot add a nice dollop of coconut oil & keep the heat on a medium level. Add the leeks & tomatoes, 10 mins. Add your turmeric, chillies & tomato puree, keep stirring infusing the flavours. Add the Thai seasoning & some salt. Once roasted add the carrots & squeeze out the garlic from the bulb into the pot, make sure it has cooled enough to handle. When the lentils are soft, drain & put aside. In your big pot add the passata. Crumble your stock cube in and give it all a good stir. You may need to add some water at this point to loosen up the dish. Allow to cook for 20 minutes on a gentle heat. Now you will want to use a stick blender and pulse the mixture to your texture preference, I went for smooth. Add your cooked lentils & peas, (feel free to add some water at this point to change the consistency) along with salt & the sugar. Allow this to simmer. In a separate small frying pan, heat to a medium level & add a tsp of coconut oil along with your curry powder, cumin & mustard seeds, cook until the seeds begin to pop, now add to your giant pot of magic. Stir well and you are done. I served mine with some balsamic glaze, nutritional yeast & sunflower seeds.

Pura Vida

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