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Autumn us upon us!

Autumn in the garden, leaves are falling and the first chill is in the air. We did well with our potatoes and climbing beans, both in the bed we planted with Harbour School and in our own beds. We did less well with our peas thanks to the friendly snails. Tomatoes did exceptionally well and we are still harvesting them in the poly tunnel. We planted our squash very late, so it looks as if we won’t have any for our special winter soup ( see our recipe below! ).

Now we will start digging over the beds and putting on a layer of our own home made compost ready for next season. Our winter kale is coming along nicely but there are crops you can plant now for an early crop next year, so we will be planting onion, garlic and broad beans in the next few weeks, both in our own beds and with Harbour School.

As the leaves fall, we will be cutting back our raspberry canes, pruning our roses and fruit trees and generally tidying up. Then we can sit in front of the fire and dream of Spring!

Nothing tastes as good as food you have grown yourself!

(Goff The Gardener)

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