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Dear Diary

Dear diary, the weather has been so so this week, good enough to get out the wheelbarrow to take some old plant pots up the garden, and mild enough to put the indoor plants out of the poly-tunnel for some rain water. The seed packets are throwing themselves off the shelves towards us to get themselves into seed trays and kick start the Springtime.

There’s a strange magic about this time of year - everywhere blossom and tiny buds forming on just about every living thing. Perhaps the Spring Equinox, sun higher in the sky, lighter for longer. It won’t be long before our woollies and coats are in the cupboard and we are reaching for our shades and iced water. I want to plant some veggies for the ‘Don’t Hate, fill a Plate’ crew, who are doing a great job feeding the homeless on Saturday lunchtimes. If you can help see their Facebook page, or find out about the Bus Project -then you can do magic too...

By Sue Stokes

22nd March 2017

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