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For Every Garden Homemaker

It comes to us all at some time in our life. I’m not talking about moving to a new house, but reducing greenhouse space. I have reached a time in my life where I can no longer manage to work with two greenhouses, and have been forced to have one removed.

This has left me with large quantities of plant pots, hanging baskets, growing trays, tubs, and planters of all shapes and sizes, plus deep containers for plants needing to grow deep roots.

Any greenhouse owners or members with large gardens, who might like to liberate these items, rather than forcing me to send them to the tip, please feel free to call me on 02392 389116. Schools or garden clubs, please feel free to ring me if you can arrange collection. I will be very pleased to see you.

If you are in Southsea, I know the community gardens at Canoe Lake are always pleased to share and swap any seeds, plants and cuttings you have spare. It’s summer now, so wishing you all a happy time in your gardens.

By Pat Brian

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