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Happy gardening hours in 2019

From one gardener to another at Southsea Green garden, or wherever you are, and no matter the size of your plot or garden, this is the time of year to sit in your armchair with all your seed catalogues etc you’ve gathered over the year. I’ve been ill and in hospital, so unable to visit as many gardens, but I’ve lots of enthusiasm and ideas for 2019.

I’ve bought my first pink daffodils which may horrify some of you but am keen to see them in my daffodil collection. Another first is scented tulips which I will bring into the house later.

I’ve sheltered my camelias and fed them coffee grounds - produced beautiful blooms last summer. I’ve filled my hanging baskets with pansies for colour and prepared for winter, not forgetting the birds’ seed and meal-worm. I’ve placed a hedgehog house in a sheltered spot and will leave a little dried cat food out for them. Hope the winter won’t be too horrendous! Wishing you all best wishes for Christmas-time, and many happy gardening hours in 2019.

By Pat Brain (Patron of Southsea Green)
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