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Happy New Year

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Ah thoughts of ‘Newness’ as the year turns. My daughter just told me “gardens are like families, they need be planted together so they can lean on each other and be able to grow”.

So little wise one, what else do you know? What of our climate dilemma? Solutions for untangling ourselves from years of converging nation states? Wonder how our 16-year-old future selves, might re-organise the whole shenanigans, and what future they would grow? We might be surprised at their cleverness and implicit benevolence for those we share our world with?

We shared the community garden this year with creatures, great and small. Wildlife, plant-life and bug-life, and all. Wonderful thing is, that what Elle says above, is true for us too. Every step we take up the garden path, each change caused by every move, everything we say, every seed we sow, helps to make things grow. It is just the way of it – Fabulous Nature - that awesome thing we don’t quite understand yet cannot live without!

May the rain fall softly and the sunshine on you all in 2019.

By Sue Stokes
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