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Never be lonely

What a turbulent time we’ve had this year, in so many ways - wondering where we’ll be in a few weeks’ time? Well we can be sure most of us will be cosy in a place we call home, but as we known for some, the homeless and the isolated, that’s not a great place! A lot of what we’ve done this year, steps beyond growing plants and sticking up for our oldest trees. It’s been in providing skillshops to give people a taste of things they’ve never tried, but also to say hello to those who perhaps have not many family and friends around them.

The community garden is much more than a garden gate. It’s a welcoming smile and a hug for anyone sad or lonely. I’m very proud of this, and of all the gorgeous people who have helped with providing company and help to those who pluck up the courage to step inside the gate - wishing you all the cosy-ness and peace of Christmas, however, you celebrate it -never be lonely! Keep in touch.

by Sue Stokes
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