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Owls Handmade by Loopy Loop at the Craft Shack

Hi I'm Lisa and my love of craftworking has led to the formation of Loopy Loop a home for creative crafts and design based at the Craft Shack at Southsea Green, Canoe Lake.

Southsea Green is a community garden where people come together to grow fruit and vegetables and make new friends. The garden is looking a bit lifeless at the moment but we are thinking about what can be planted and starting to plant seeds that can go in the ground in the Spring for Summer picking or digging. So, beds are starting to be prepared for the seasons coming.

At Loopy Loop’s the Craft Shack, I will be running workshops to teach people different crafts ranging from knitting, crochet, sewing and many others I can do this on an individual or group basis depending on your needs.

Workshops will start soon... Facebook/loopyloop.southsea

By Lisa 'Loopyloop'

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