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Re-planting the Community Orchard

That ‘green thing’ we do, what’s that about? We hit our little patch of waste ground in 2011, next door to the natural history museum, and began gardening with Friends of Cumberland House, long before planning went through for this tiny patch of agricultural land for growing food, and a community garden. How exciting it was when the paint was wet on the gate. Many happy summer days planting, potting and chatting to passers-by and their dogs... so many dogs.

These days, as our friends next door, we come when we can, and we wish that the ‘green thing’ will continue to inspire our friends and neighbours, and visitors who find it awesome to have food growing in a shared garden so close to the sea. Half our orchard has been re-planted along the cricket path, thanks to a brilliant bunch of people last weekend, and the rest await completion of the tennis pavilion, so we can grow more lovely local fruit. We wish you all a green Christmas and hope to see you all in the new year...

By Sue Stokes

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