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Rosemary and Daisies


The Rosemary shrubs are in full bloom

Despite the cold of winter's gloom.

The winter's sun shone down at last

To warm the buds from the cold past…

Flowers so delicate with petals so blue,

Stems of the shrub’s fragrant hue.

ROSEMARY... if a girl is so named,

Soft feminine gentility fame

With a store of patience and goodwill

Standing strongly through the winter chill.


Hail the Daisies that can be seen

As you tread the grass to Southsea Green.

Free and persistent as they thrive and grow

Whether wild or cultural their beauty show

Field or Moon daisies they hold their beauty,

White, Pink and colourful as they perform their duty.

DAISY... girl's endowed with this name,

Are joyful and confident with ' full of life ' fame,

Loves the attention as you gaze awhile

So, glance to the Daisies and give a smile.

Don’t forget Jenni is in the community garden Sunday 24th Make a greenhouse, sow a seed; Make a mini bunch of daffs or a Green man mask to celebrate Spring

Poems by Irene Strange
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