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Snow’s gone, time to think of Spring!

There’s plenty to do now. In the ornamental garden there’s still time to cut back shrubs and trees and is a good time to plant them too. Pansies, primroses and bulbs in the garden centres. Best time to prune roses in our part of the country.

In the vegetable garden, now is the best time to plant bare root raspberries and other bush/tree fruit. Buy your seed potatoes to chit in a cool, light but frost-free place to give them a head start.

You can sow sweet peppers and chillies in heated propagators at home but leave tomatoes until later. Prepare the ground for the March rush. Then you can sow parsnip, carrots, early peas, broad beans and much else. Don’t panic though, long growing season ahead. Sow a row or two and repeat a few weeks later. This is easier, staggers the harvest and avoids gluts. Ready for the March madness?

Jenni is doing family crafts in the community garden Sunday 24th February

By Goff Gleadle
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