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Spring is coming

e have had a spell of very cold weather which hopefully has killed off all the nasties left in the soil from the damp autumn weather, and now we can look forward.

The paper white Narcissus are now in full bloom in my garden having been planted out several years ago. The Pansies are recovering from the frost and the snow and are holding their heads up to the sun as I write this, and some Hellebores are coming into bloom.

Daffodils are pushing their spikes up through the soil as we walk around the garden trying to remember which variety they are. We are lucky to have the protection of Portsdown hill and the Isle of Wight, so we have early sightings of Spring flowers.

All this encourages us to think ahead to Spring even in January. How many sweet peas to order? Will the slugs have moved out of Hampshire? Will last year's lupines recover? More bad weather to come when we hardly venture out to the Greenhouse to check on over-wintering pots? Remember now the days are lighter for longer every day until the clocks go forward again and Easter will be just around the corner.

Happy dreaming!

By Pat Brian

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