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Spring is here!

Spring is really here, so after long and dark days, I can now get back out in the garden and do my morning inspection to see what has popped up in the night? It is really lovely to see little green tips and trying to remember what should be growing there.

I had tree surgeons attack my trees and shrubs before winter. It’s given me lots more ground and air space. So, more spring flowers are appearing where they had been obstructed by branches or leaves. Even the birds seem grateful for more space. Now I can go and buy more plants too.

I’ve already received astrantia and spoilt myself with 3 new peonies, which seem to do well on the hill slopes. I’m always surprise at what survives the winter. I noticed red dianthus flowers in full bloom on the path this morning, and little daffodils are appearing.

As the sun is now shining, and, as my grandmother used to say, “The roads have been aired”, so I will take my coffee outside, and spend a little time enjoying what nature is showing us.

By Pat Brain
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