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Spring is on it's way!

March is the first of the busiest three months for sowing and planting. It is not too late to plant onion setts and sow broad beans and you can sow carrots, lettuce, radish, spring onions, hardy peas and later in the month, potatoes.

Don’t panic though, we have a long season, If you are a little late you can still sow in April.

Sow little and often, sow a row of carrots, a few lettuce and then repeat three weeks later.

This spreads out the work and also the harvest.

You don’t want a whole row of lettuce ready at once, they will go over before you can eat them! Don’t forget, if you haven’t much room, you can grow salad leaves, spring onions, radish and carrots in bucket sized pots, even potatoes in a bit larger container.

If you have a warm windowsill, airing cupboard or propagator, you can sow peppers and tomatoes for planting out later.


( Goff The Gardener )

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