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Spring Recipe

Lentil and Pepper Dahl

2 red onions chopped finely

5 cloves of garlic chopped finely

1 green chilli or red

2 thumb size pieces of ginger grated

18/20 Tomatoes medium size

3 Peppers, I used red yellow and orange finely chopped

Pack of spinach

3 tbsp garam masala

1 tbsp turmeric

1 tbsp nigella seeds

1 tbsp coriander seeds

Pack of coriander


250g gram flour

400ml water


Salt and pepper

Another instalment of Pura Vida love here for you and we are making a lentil Dahl with chapatis, which will be full of health, wealth and luck.

First of all lay the ingredients out and begin with your intention prayer, you can use this one or think of your own

Dear universe, great spirit, I ask that these ingredients are blessed and their energy is of a high vibration. I ask that once combined these ingredients will create a potion of amazing flavour, as well as health, wealth and good luck. Thank you for the food I am about to receive.

This makes a fat arse portion of dahl so be sure to have some tubs about to store and freeze, or gift some to a friend so they can absorb the intentions.

Oven gas to 6

Add a good glug of oil to a large pan, add onions, garlic, chilli & ginger, and S&P, cook for 10 minutes on a gentle heat

Get a large oven tray, quarter the Tomatoes, add oil salt and pepper, now into the oven to roast for 25 minutes

Grind up the nigella and coriander seeds and add to the pan along with the turmeric and garam masala. Mix well until you can see the seasoning has absorbed into the onions, after 8 minutes add the Peppers and allow to cook for a further 10 minutes.

Checking back on the Tomatoes you may find they have released some water and have gone soft, using a masher begin to press on the Tomatoes creating chunks of Tomatoes and some juices, now add this to your large pot, mix well.

Add your lentils and 1 litre of water, bring the heat up slightly and allow to come to a simmer, taste test and add your desired amount of S&P until you've got it to the flavour you want. Leave on a low heat for 25/30 minutes, stirring regularly.

The lentils should be cooked and absorbed into the Dahl so it has a beautiful texture and smell.

Take off the heat and add the majority of the bag of spinach, mix in and leave to rest for 3 minutes to wilt the spinach down. Leave the lid on, now it's chapati time

In a bowl, add the sieved gram flour, water, S&P, and a handful of chopped coriander.

Get a frying pan with a drizzle of oil in, using a ladle for measurements, pour 1 ladle into the pan, wait for the bubbles to appear on the top of the mixture, flip and cook until golden. Repeat for however chapatis you want. Can be stored in the fridge overnight. Boom you are done! Hope you enjoy this recipe, let me know how you get on :)

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