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Summer has finally arrived!

Summer is here and we are enjoying the first of summer’s bounty in the vegetable garden at Southsea Green. We have harvested our broad beans and dug the first of our new potatoes with the pupils of Harbour School. (Nothing is as good as the first new potatoes of the season cooked with a little mint!). The French beans are climbing their canes and peas scrambling up their supports. We have taken our first cucumber and the first tomatoes are setting on the vines.

Fruit is showing promise too, the raspberry canes have shot up and are beginning to flower, we have nuts on our hazel tree and the figs on our famous fig tree (planted in 1904) are swelling rapidly.

It’s not too late to sow something though, we are blessed with a long season here. You can still sow salads, rocket, oriental leaves, lettuce and radishes, and it is not too late to sow carrots, peas and beans. You can still buy tomato and sweet and chilli pepper plants from the shops and get a good crop.

Nothing tastes as good as food you have grown yourself!

(Goff The Gardener)

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