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Summer Recipe

Mushroom Meat Chilli


1x Pack of mushrooms (Diced into small pieces) - 1x Onion Diced - 4 Cloves of Garlic chopped - Chopped Chilli (To taste) - 1x Can of Kidney Beans - 1x Can of Sweetcorn - 400g Passata - 2 Tbsp Bbq Sauce - 1 Tbsp Balsamic Glaze - 1 ½ tsp of Smoked Paprika, Cumin, & Mixed Herbs - 1 tsp of Sugar - Salt & Pepper & Nutritional yeast (To Taste)

Things To Remember: Stay focused on the cooking, try to be mindful in the moment and allow the breath to help you.

Season your dish with salt and pepper regularly to keep the flavours coming on through.

Enjoy the moment!

This dish is a summer winner recipe, so versatile you can make it up and have as a side at a BBQ or serve on a jacket potato as a filling or with rice

Method: Lay out all the ingredients in front of you. Place your hands out above them and take a moment to say thank you for the beautiful abundance of ingredients you have in front of you to create this meal. Take some deep breaths and be mindful of how far they may have had to travel to be in front of you. If you wish you can set an intention into your food. Heat up a pan, add some oil, throw in your shroomies to begin, we want these to get a nice texture and cook away any moisture - Once the shrooms begin to shrink slightly and become golden add your onion, garlic & chilli. Cook for a good 10 mins or so on a medium heat. Now your mushrooms and onions are looking beautiful, we are going to jazz up the flavour. Add your smoked paprika, cumin & mixed herbs, stir well, merging them seasonings. Add the bbq sauce & balsamic glaze (you can add a small amount of water if the pan gets a bit sticky) mix for a few mins before adding the passata & sugar. Stir thoroughly now allowing that sauce to become sexy and hot. Leave for 20 minutes to simmer, adding your kidney beans and Sweetcorn for the last 5 mins. (Nutritional yeast is optional but if you have never tried it, it's worth it! High in B12 and gives the dish a cheese flavour. Just sprinkle over the top) Serve with rice, pasta, jacket potato or garlic bread, all 4 go really well with this chilli.

Pura Vida

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