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The Art Lodge, Victoria Park, Portsmouth

‘Day after day the fool on the hill sees the world spinning round...' What a week for ups and downs. Good news, bad news, sunshine and rain. Guess the earth sees this over and over… On the upside met a few garden fairies this week, weeding next door in Cumberland Museum garden, and planting spring bulbs in our community garden. Hot soup warmed us up in Greens cafe and walking around Canoe Lake was magic.

There’s cloudy skies this week though, as fellow artists at the Arts Lodge were turned out of their premises in the beautiful Victoria Park, now all set for some radical urbanisation. The peace has been shattered. Will it ever be the same again once this ‘not for profit’ community cafe has vanished in this overcrowded city? Meanwhile at Canoe Lake we look back with fondness on old archive shots of Southsea in days gone by -

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