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The Jumble Trail

The smell of grass being cut is all around, we’ve just passed Mayday and the blossom is being replaced by healthy leaves and the first fruits of the summer we are all hoping for.

The community garden is buzzing with gardeners as well as our best mates the bees. If you have old boots or crocks or colanders you don’t use, pop them into the garden and we will plant them up with herbs or flowers.

If you’re looking for some place else to go this weekend why not join in the Jumble trail Clare has been blogging about- It’s just like a car boot, but it’s outside your house. Great place to pick up a bargain... anything from unwanted furniture, music, books and clothes, to homemade baked goodies, arts and crafts. All on a doorstep near you

Check the map and who is on the trail at: Wimbledon Park Patch Website

Or email them at:

By Sue Stokes

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