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We Have Sunshine

Haha at last sunshine, after such a sad week for the people of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, we have sunshine to warm us and get us outside, into the garden. Whilst we think of those who can’t, we can look after our older friends, family and neighbours, or anyone who needs a little help getting out and about. We love our visitors, who come and sit or chat, and are always, always welcome in our community garden.

Summer flowers for window sills and to sprinkle onto summer dishes. Time to plant now. Beetroot, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, broad beans, celery, French beans, cucumber, summer cabbage, Kale, peppers. Get your pumpkins in the ground now, spinach and spring onions, Mmmmm, time for watering your fruits too. Isn’t it wonderful how the summer sun warms up delicious strawberries, always more scrummy when grown by US. Enjoy your gardening and share a little sunshine :) We just got a fab planting guide from The National Allotment Society which we’ve joined. Help and advice at our little green fingertips!

By Sue Stokes

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