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Welcoming The Birds

By leaps and bounds Spring is rushing in, and every day something new appears in the garden. The magnolias are now in full bud, a few more sunny days and they will burst into full bloom. The Irises are charging up, and the cherry trees are just thinking of when they will come out in their full glory.

My garden is being invaded by birds picking up loose leaves, twigs and straw for nest building and the dishes with the meal worms and bird seed are being emptied daily. It is a wonderful time of the year and a joy to be out in the garden, listening to birdsong and wandering around to see if new plants have survived the winter.

I've gained more light through pruning lately, and looking forward to sitting out in the garden in the summer, and visiting garden shops to top up the bedding. Wishing you all joy and pleasure with your garden or allotment, window box or even your plant pots during the coming months - Happy gardening and watching.

By Pat Brian

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