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What are the Roots at the Secret Garden of Southsea.

More about the secret garden from Beverley, our garden tour guide. Why not arrange a time for a tour and enjoy the history of the garden?

Chapter 2:

The garden has a history that dates back 500 years and its origins go back to its use by Henry VIII. The land had a preservation site status with building rights prohibited. The soil beneath was once a historic ship path in times when the sea was a mysterious and unknown venture.

Maps were hand drawn one by one. People of the past had to travel out to sea in ways that would require greater internal guidance and perception. The gardeners spent many years restoring the garden to a beautiful sanctuary.

Now those who discovered its existence and entered its gates would approach ways to enhance their perception through natural elements. A secret garden and a sensory garden. A place with various arrangements of distinct plants and flowers which would evoke the touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.

People could connect back to its history through similar perceptual themes of outer discovery and internal epiphanies. The garden was a contemporary evocation of how nature will always enhance our perception regardless of how time passes.

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