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What are the Roots at the Secret Garden, Southsea.

More about the secret garden from Beverley, our garden tour guide. Why not arrange a time for a tour and enjoy the history of the garden?

Chapter 4:

For the people who traverse the garden’s path, each step becomes as vast and far reaching as the trails and crevices within their curious minds. The visitor stories inevitably embed themselves within this historic soil. An environmental advocate and bespoke artist, Alice Hume, recently shared her exhibition ‘From Soil to Cloth’ at the historic Round Tower. She emphasised the hidden meanings that seep into the soil by planting seeds inside the community garden. The plant fibres would provide a natural linen that would weave patterns into unravelling wall art. Symbolic cloth is a transcribed imagery which emerges throughout the evolution of language. The marks upon textiles hold the essence of an original alphabet, which would communicate and express the sacred meaning of ancient pastimes when communication was still evolving. Examples of this connection can be seen in sentimental pieces belonging to ancient tribes, and the pivotal expression of hieroglyphic alphabets. The art draws the mind towards the lost language and symbolism which surrounds textiles. Textiles is a form of art that can evoke different types of imagery. The patterns and symbols engage the sight; the textures woven into the piece engage the touch; the plant fibre's environmental influence engage the smell; the way the cloth falls engage the organic movement; all of these factors create a sensory experience that bears the meaning of an evolving expression in visual form. The art holds an impression on each of the senses, similar to an experience within the garden in person. The art becomes parallel with nature and the innate meaning of expression. Being part of the exhibition has created another story within the ever-unravelling narrative of the community garden.

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