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Winter Garden Dreams

January brrrrrrr, be great if we could all go abroad for this horrible month! And yet, it is the month to make BIG plans and wrap up the vulnerable plants in the garden, so this is top of our job-list this week, and perhaps cheering up the garden with a few new scarecrows be nice.

So, once we are togged up, and down the garden path, our January jobs will be to shred the branches of the pruned fig tree and tidy the shrubs, clear away the wet leaves. Planting broad beans and putting into cold frame, and think about growing some garlic and perhaps some mushrooms if we can find some spawn, as these can be grown all year long. Mostly we will be looking at the little plots everyone has adopted and getting together to make plans for the season.

There's a nice thought. Stay cosy everyone and keep dreaming of summertime!

By Sue Stokes

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