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Our community garden provides a unique opportunity for individuals to learn, connect, and grow their knowledge of sustainable agriculture.


School  Workshops

Southsea Green is the perfect place to get involved in outdoor learning and sustainable food production. We provide workshops, encourage volunteering opportunities, host school trips, and promote a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Learn how to grow, cultivate, and enjoy your own food in the heart of the Southsea community. Experience the love of outdoor learning and fresh, delicious food from the source.

  We believe that by working together alongside mentorship and support, we can create a strong and well-connected learning experience. The goal of this project is to empower people to learn about produce, provide work experience, and connect back to the environment.


We offer classes to schools and encourage all students to commit to quality time inside the garden spent growing and learning about their shared topics.


Discover how you can get involved by contacting Southsea Green.

Become a Volunteer

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