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Solent All Stars!

The benefits to participants:

Project work of this type aims to encourage young people to build and improve:

  • Team-Working Skills

  • Communication

  • Confidence

  • Community Engagement

  • Planning Skills

  • Time Management

  • Prioritising

  • Grit and Determination

  • Problem Solving

  • Money Management

  • Designing

  • Presentation Skills

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Solent All Stars is a youth social action project, encouraging young people to plan active projects that will benefit areas of their local community.

The overall idea is that young people will form social action teams to plan a project, in the hope of being awarded a small budget of £50 to get them started.

How does it work?

There are several stages that participants will take part in:

  • Stage 1: Ideas generation sessions for groups to evolve their youth social action project.

  • Stage 2: Dragon’s Den arena in which participants can pitch their idea to a panel of judges.

  • Stage 3: Young person-led sessions to progress their community-based activity, with support from mentors.

Young people are encouraged and supported undertake their activities with full ownership of the promotion, planning and execution involved. Helping them put their plans into action are a team of helpful mentors, with a variety of expertise, offering encouragement, teaching new skills and supporting on 1 to 1 basis if needed.

Best of luck to our teams, and a huge thank you to all of our Dragons and mentors!

What’s happened so far:

Team 1: Treats for Charity

This team of young people have decided to raise money for Catch22 and a local homeless charity, through running sweetie-themed tombola’s. They are also planning to sell some of their sweet and hot-chocolate jars as gifts that can be purchased separately.

For more info, or to show your support, please visit their Facebook page

Team 2: The Upcycling Charity Project

Furniture up-cycling is at the heart of this project, with young people working with the Salvation Army Furniture Store to breathe new life into old pieces of furniture. The aim is for the Salvation Army to be able to sell these revived items at a higher price, and to avoid unwanted items being thrown away.

For more info, or to show your support, please visit their Facebook page.

Team 3: Children's Hospital Kit

This team’s idea focusses on improving the experience that children have when they go in to hospital. The kits aim to provide amusement to children who are unwell and having to stay in hospital.

Team 4: Kits for People who are Homeless

Inspired by the work of local homeless charities in the city, this group have decided to use their start up budget to produce small, useful kits that will be donated to a local cause that supports people who are homeless.

Other benefits of this project include supporting young people to:

  • Meet and deal with segments of their community that otherwise they might not have engaged with in their everyday lives.

  • Make positive contributions

  • Develop peer relationships

  • Reflect and act on suggestions for ways in which to respond to challenges

  • Gain real-life, practical experience

  • Take an active part in their community

But wait, there’s more!

So far, 4 teams have braved the Dragons’ Den and have been awarded their £50 start-up budget. They will be updating the judges on Friday 25th May 2018, however here's what's happened so far...

We have 4 new teams on board, who are set to pitch their ideas to the Dragons on Friday 25th May 2018. Watch this space for updates!

Star & Crescent Article

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Students from Catch22 have been taking part in ‘Solent All Stars’, take a look at their Facebook page to find out more.

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