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Volunteers Collecting Litter
Association Garden Registration of Membership and Volunteer Agreement

Members of Southsea Green Community Garden Association will be covered by Southsea Green Public Liability insurance, while working as volunteers in the Community Garden, as long as the following rules are observed:



  • All visitors to the garden will accept that they have a responsibility to look after their own health and safety. All volunteers must familiarise themselves with the Health and Safety Policy displayed in the portacabin. Any concerns should be raised with the Head Gardener or Garden Representative. 


  • Gardeners/Volunteers will keep the garden safe and tidy. 


  • Appropriate protective clothing should be worn including robust footwear and gardening gloves 


  • All tools kept at the garden will be checked regularly by the Head Gardener Goff, and any tool in an unsafe condition will be set aside, marked as defective and reported to the management committee. 


  • If you feel you are unable to carry out any task safely and independently please seek support from another garden volunteer.   


  • All gardeners will report any hazards or hazardous incidents on the group Facebook page, and to the Head Gardener, who will take appropriate action.  


  • Plot holders should use their plot for the purposes of growing and plots should not be left uncultivated for more than 2 months during the growing season. 

  •  Lone volunteers may wish to keep the gate locked for safety. 

  • Contact Details for incident reporting

    Head Gardener: 



Please show respect and generosity to other gardeners and visitors at all times so we stay a sustainable and happy community association, can enjoy being in the garden, are welcoming to others, sharing our resources and skills locally. 

We collect volunteers’ personal data to record our membership. This is retained while they remain a member and is deleted or destroyed on request or on termination of membership. We will also keep data of persons who have asked us to do so, we currently refer to them as garden members.  Data is used in the legitimate interest of the Association to contact members and to keep them informed of association matters. We do not share or sell data with any third party outside or within the membership of the association unless requested to do so to comply with the law or to other authorities when we believe it is in the association's benefit to do so. 



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